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9 Creative Strategies to Enhance Virtual Brainstorming

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Are you looking for ways to make virtual brainstorming more effective and engaging? Brainstorming is often seen as a great way to generate new ideas, but it can be difficult to keep everyone engaged in an online setting. Fortunately, there are several creative strategies that can help enhance your virtual brainstorming sessions.

From using visual aids to gamifying the process, these nine strategies will help ensure that your brainstorming sessions are productive and successful. With the right approach, you’ll be able to engage participants more effectively and come up with innovative solutions. So let’s take a look at how you can get the most out of your virtual brainstorms!

1. Use Visual Aids

Utilize visuals such as infographics, diagrams, and charts to help participants visualize ideas.

Utilizing visuals helps business professionals better comprehend complex concepts. By introducing infographics, diagrams and charts into business meetings and presentations, attendees have tangible representations of the topic material to refer back to. Furthermore, these visuals can be referenced when answering questions, helping participants easily visualize the idea under discussion. Visual aids are a powerful tool to bridge any gaps in understanding and help business conversations progress efficiently.

2. Invite Diverse Perspectives

For a successful engagement, encourage different perspectives by inviting people from various backgrounds or departments to participate in the brainstorming session.

Inviting diverse perspectives to business-related tasks can be a highly beneficial practice. By seeking out creative, varying viewpoints, we can expand our business knowledge and better prepare ourselves for new opportunities and challenges. People from different backgrounds and departments bring their own experiences and skill sets to the conversation. This allows business teams to develop more comprehensive strategies that can help improve processes, address customer issues more quickly, or even uncover innovative solutions. Gathering these perspectives and allowing everyone to contribute their ideas is vital to business growth and future success.

3. Break into Smaller Groups

Divide the group into smaller teams and assign a specific task for each team to work on.

In business environments, it can be beneficial to break large groups into smaller ones. Doing so not only helps keep projects on track and allows for more specialized attention but also encourages higher levels of engagement and promotes collaboration between team members. When dividing the group, assign a specific task or goal to each smaller team to ensure that everyone is working together toward a common objective. This strategy has proven effective in many business settings and can help accomplish projects with greater efficiency.

4. Gamify the Brainstorming Session

Introduce incentives and rewards for creative solutions or new ideas that are generated during the session.

Introducing incentives and rewards to a business brainstorming session has been proven to encourage creative problem-solving and new ideas. It helps ensure participation from all the stakeholders in the room, creating an atmosphere of friendly competition geared towards successful business outcomes. This can be achieved by offering non-financial rewards such as recognition within the group, or prizes selected by members of the team. The challenges created in this type of environment inspire teams to come up with innovative solutions to business challenges - a result that stands to benefit everyone involved. Gamifying the brainstorming session is an effective way for business owners to motivate their employees and generate outside-the-box solutions.

5. Set Time Limits

Setting time limits will help keep everyone focused on their tasks so that no one gets distracted or veers off-topic.

Setting time limits in business settings is an effective way to ensure productivity. By setting clear boundaries and expectations around how long given tasks should take, business owners and managers can keep their teams on track and hold them accountable for completing tasks within the allotted timeframe. This helps ensure that everyone remains focused on their responsibilities, preventing activities like multitasking or straying off topic. With clearly defined time limits in place, business owners can be sure that attention remains laser-focused on the tasks at hand.

6. Use the Right Tools for Brainstorming

To ensure that business brainstorming is maximally productive, it is important to use the right tools. This could include professional whiteboards for visualizing ideas in-person or an online platform with which teams can collaborate on their big-picture business plans. There are several excellent online whiteboard resources available for this purpose including Mural and Miro. By using these tools properly, business owners can unlock ideas and innovation that will help make the business more competitive in the long run.

7. Have a great brainstorm facilitator

Having a great brainstorm facilitator is critical. A facilitator is instrumental in creating a welcoming, productive atmosphere in which everyone can share their ideas and knowledge to collectively find creative solutions to business challenges. No business should underestimate the power of a highly skilled facilitator who understands the objectives of the business, can identify team members’ individual strengths, and engages all participants throughout the brainstorming process. This facilitator could be a member of your staff or a business consultant. The key is to find someone independent and not prejudiced in the outcome. The results will be well worth the effort it takes to find the right facilitator for your business.

8. Make it Anonymous (optional)

To ensure that participants feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and ideas, businesses can make brainstorming sessions anonymous by asking each participant to write their ideas down on separate cards or pieces of paper, or digitally. This ensures that no one has to worry about the judgment or criticism of others, allowing them to think freely and offer up their best ideas. It also encourages participants to be more creative and honest, since there is no fear of reprimand or ridicule from others. Additionally, it gives the chance for brilliant introverts to share their great ideas. Anonymous brainstorming can be an effective method for businesses to generate innovative solutions that could prove beneficial in the long run. By following these tips, business owners can maximize the effectiveness of their brainstorming sessions.

9. Prioritize Results

When it comes to brainstorming, it's essential to prioritize the results. Why? Because the whole point of brainstorming is to generate ideas, and if you don't prioritize them, you risk losing some of the most valuable ones in the shuffle. Prioritizing allows you to sort through your ideas and determines which ones are feasible, which ones are most relevant to your goals, and which ones are most likely to have a positive impact. It also helps you identify potential roadblocks and areas where you may need to focus your efforts. There are several established frameworks to help you prioritize, including The Eisenhower Matrix and subsequent variations. So next time you're in a brainstorming session, be sure to take the time to prioritize – it will make all the difference.


By utilizing these nine strategies, business owners and managers can optimize their brainstorming sessions to ensure that they are productive and effective. Whether it’s inviting diverse perspectives or introducing incentives for creative solutions, taking the time to plan ahead is key in ensuring successful outcomes from any brainstorming session. When done right, businesses can use these techniques to come up with innovative solutions that drive growth and success -and move companies forward.

Convection Consulting specializes in providing business owners, managers, and companies with innovative solutions to drive growth and success. Our team of experienced professionals can help take your brainstorming sessions to the next level with our tailored approach.

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