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Companies with Future Revenue

This is the time to start something. Have an idea and don't know where to start?  Convection Consulting can help devise a start up plan including service offerings, go-to-market strategy, staffing, finance and the fundamentals of operations (company creation, structure, licenses, etc.)


$1M - $5M in Revenue

With times changing and marketing conditions evolving, Convection Consulting can help determine a path forward to increase revenue, maximize profit, and responsibly grow your team and processes.


$1M + Revenue

Your business has been established for some time, but may be experiencing slow growth, low profitability, and employee churn or simply dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.  Convection Consulting can help develop a path forward with a full strategic evaluation of your company; including personnel, processes, competitive analysis, etc.  We specialize in simplifying complex issues in order to reach solutions that grow the business and are able to navigate the challenges and opportunities of today’s and future environments.

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