Driving Transformation

At Convection Consulting our business mission is clear.  We challenge established thinking and drive transformation to grow your business for now and in the future.  In a time of rapid challenges and transformation, we work to build capabilities that enable businesses to achieve sustainable growth and advantage.  Knowledge, skills, experience, process and passion enable us to work with you to shape the future of your business. Whether your company is rapidly growing and needs strategic operating plans or your business profitability has slowed and needs a boost, Convection can help guide you to drive this transformation to achieve sustainable growth.


Companies today must keep adapting, changing, redefining their products, services and marketing strategy in order to meet customer’s expectations.  We help create those needed new advantages.  It is imperative that businesses continuously adapt around the customer with speed and scale.  The customer of today is changing and so are market conditions. We enable companies to know what is needed to succeed and guide them in doing what it takes.


Convection Consulting offers expertise and services in small to medium size businesses in Entertainment, PR, Media, Technology and Startups.

Convection Consulting, LLC was founded by Dax Kimbrough, CEO.  Dax has held executive positions in entertainment, media, marketing, small businesses, and startups.  Dax received his Bachelor of Science from Florida State University and Executive MBA from University of Southern California. He was professor of Marketing and Finance at The Thornton School at USC, and he is a member of the Tech Coast Angels. 


Word on the Street

I have known Dax for many years and have worked with him in several different capacities. He has a rare set of dynamic skills that cover multiple disciplines from new business / product strategy and planning to launch plan sales and marketing tactics and execution. As a sales and marketing consultant at EMI, I relied on his expertise to define and build new markets. He is a great builder and motivator of people and teams, and would be a tremendous asset to any entrepreneurial company focussed on innovation and driving bottom line growth

Rick Camino - CEO

Dax is a truly talented and creative strategic thinker. He sees the opportunity and potential in everything and has an innate understanding of how those opportunities fit into the big picture. His ability to generate ideas, convert them into well thought out business plans, and execute on those plans is unmatched. His superior communication skills are an invaluable asset to any organization and his calm, focused style, even under great pressure, makes him a pleasure to work with.

Steve Turacek - SVP Business Operations Pandora

Dax is an outstanding marketer who is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of Sales and Marketing. Upon joining the team, Dax used his vast experience to reorganize our internal financial processes and brought greater accountability to the organization.

Jim Halkett - Retail Marketing

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